Carpooling Punch Needle Pattern

Carpooling Punch Needle Pattern

These little guys love to fly! It takes a lot of travel to keep up with The Great Pumpkin, so his helpers have decided to carpool to the pumpkin patches together. Besides, a trip is always more fun with friends!

“Carpooling” is a punch needle pattern that makes a beautifully finished framed piece of artwork for your wall, though it would make a beautiful pillow for your couch, too! You could easily make this design as large as you desire by expanding the night sky and adding more stars. Partially sew a square of flannel to the back, stuff it generously, then finish sewing up the final corner and voila! A sweet Halloween pillow for your guest room!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color or texture. Although the design has been carefully planned, feel free to substitute your favorite colors and brand of thread. Punch needles very often have a gauge that changes the depth of the punch, creating longer loops. While the designs are set to a depth of 1, by changing the depth to a 2 or 3 or higher, you can change the texture of part of your design, such as that for a star. This will make the star raise up a little from the background, creating even more dimension in your finished product. If you make a mistake, simply pull out the thread and start again! Punch needle is a very forgiving art form!

Want to know an easy way to finish your piece and get it ready for framing? Trim away the excess weavers cloth, leaving about a one-inch border of the weavers cloth around the finished design. Use a hot iron to steam this edge down onto the back of the finished design, pulling the fabric tautly and ironing down each corner first, then the sides. This creates a design with a nice smooth edge without any of the bare weavers cloth showing on the sides.

Next, wrap the ironed edges around the glass from the frame, pulling each side snugly into place. Use acid-free double-stick tape to hold the cloth onto the backside of the glass or use regular acid free tape to tape it down. Carefully insert the design encased glass back into the frame. Your artwork is ready to be hung prominently for all to see and admire!

We know you are going to create a punch needle masterpiece and we want to see it! Post or send us a photo via our Facebook page along with your first name and state/country. By sending us a picture you give us permission to put the photo HERE on this page in our own little gallery. We can’t wait to show off your work!

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