Meet the “Littles”

(all of our Littles are spayed/neutered, are fully up to date on their shots, and receive regular health & wellness veterinary visits)

We would like you to meet our herd…lovingly called, “The Littles.” These little ones are what keep us going…they are our heartbeats! We have rescued many from absolutely horrible living conditions, found some on the side of the road, and even took in a feral momma kitty so she could have her kittens in a safe and comfortable place.

Several of our Littles have health conditions such special diets, digestive issues, diabetes, kidney disease (requiring fluids every evening), arthritis, and thyroid issues. Vet appointments, special food, probiotics, and an occasional emergency vet visit can be very expensive and stressful…but we would not trade a single thing for our Littles…they love us unconditionally and bring us joy beyond words.

LOL…eventually we’ll label each of these images but we wanted to get them up so you can meet the Littles that benefit from every coffee donated. If you would like to help us with our Littles and with the cost of this site, please consider buying us a coffee :).

It’s our honor and joy to introduce to you: CVP (Cat Voice Phenomenon), Monkey, Zippy, Zoomies, Monster, Little Bear, Luna, Pixie, Rummy Tummy, Co Co, Pippin, Nima, Sue Sue, Cheeks, and Bunny.

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