The Pumpkin Lady ~ About Lisa

Mom, can we carve a pumpkin?

Who knew that six little words, uttered by our then four-year-old son, would change the course of my whole life? I simply replied, “Of course!” We bought our little carving kit with its patterns and saws and bought the first pumpkin we could find. Overnight I began carving for family and friends and within two weeks was hired by Busch Gardens Williamsburg that put my carved pumpkins on television. When the host lacked the ability to pronounce my last name, he gave me a new one: The Pumpkin Lady®. (Thank you, Larry King!)

Twenty+ years later, I’ve carved for the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart, and had the honor of being an expert judge for the Food Network’s Extreme Pumpkin Challenge. I’ve carved pumpkins on a chilly October morn in Times Square for Good Morning America and spent hot days under studio lights for the Home Shopping Network. But do you know what I love most? Being home, surrounded by my hubby and my herd of cats (yes, several are black), enjoying visits from our grown son, and designing for you!

Now I create patterns and share my crafty tips for more than just pumpkin carving! You’ll feel the homespun happiness here. There are lots of easy patterns for punch needle pillows and hooking your own decorative rugs. Cross stitch designs to adorn the walls and decorate your holiday trees. Coloring pages and word finds to create the perfect break in a hectic day. And I’m hoping you can carve out some time to laugh at the antics of our herd of quirky felines and watch our butterfly garden grow!

But most of all? I’m hoping that you will take a little time out of your schedule to create fond memories with friends and family. To get started, do you wanna know my #1 secret for crafting a wonderful life?

Relax, have fun, and forget about being perfect.

There, feel better now? All the pressure to carve out the perfect life gone? Perfection is highly overrated…and boring!  And none of us ever will be perfect. So, relax. Stitch something that makes you happy. Color outside the lines. Get your hands dirty in the garden. Cuddle a kitten. Carve out time to laugh with friends. No matter how your projects turn out, you’ll still have a “perfectly” lovely time creating them and joy in the process.

Yours truly,
Lisa B. The Pumpkin Lady®

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