Hundreds of FREE Pumpkin Carving Patterns, Halloween Activities, and More!

Hundreds of FREE Pumpkin Carving Patterns by Lisa B. - The Pumpkin Lady! Print & Carve!

Get ready to carve your Halloween masterpiece!

For the last 20 years, I have been designing original pumpkin carving patterns and teaching friends and family how to carve pumpkins. From the simplest smiles to celebrity portraits, the process is the same. And with my full free patterns, tips, and videos, friends will think you’ve been carving for years! Want to know my secret?

You see, I’ve taken the worry out of it for you. Every pattern is an original, so your carving will already stand out from the crowd. I’ve also written out instructions for every step of the process: you will be carving the pumpkin in the exact same way I would, with the best chance for success and the least possible ways to break it. And if there’s a snafu? There are hints to help you fix that, too!

See? Easy! Now, do you know what I really what you to focus on? The memories.

I LOVE Fall. Halloween is my happy place. I don’t want you to hurry through this process because it’s meant to be enjoyed…every second of it! GO to a pumpkin patch, grab a cup of hot cider, take a hayride, get lost in a corn maze, and stare in wonder at a field of giant glowing orange globes. Feel the smooth shell of a pumpkin and pick the biggest one you can carry…then stack on a few tiny ones on your way out. Then go back for pots of mums in gold, fuchsia and burgundy. Take the deepest of breaths.

Have fun!

Friends invited you to their pumpkin carving party. Your daughter brought home a small pumpkin from her class trip to the pumpkin farm. The neighbors have had front porch Jack o’lanterns glowing for the last week.

But you? You can’t draw a stick figure…so how can you carve a pumpkin?

It’s easier than you think!

Can you smell it?

It’s the heady aroma of wood-smoke. It’s the leafy piles smoldering after they’ve been raked up three times, last scattered by giggling children. It’s the sound of dry leaves under foot, the crackling embers, the crickets as darkness blankets the Earth.

How does it feel?

Feel the bonfire’s heat, warm on your face. Tingle as the chill breeze tickles the hair on your arms. Unstick the stringy gooiness of removing a toasted marshmallow from your fingers.

What does it taste like?

Savor the melted chocolate on your tongue. Salivate on crystalized sour candy. Slurp your pumpkin spiced latte. Go back for seconds!

We love carving pumpkins because it is part of the wonder that is Halloween.

We are children for such a precious, short amount of time…but at Halloween, we become young again. Whether we are five or 95, we can all find our place in this holiday! And the BESTEST MOST FANTASTIC SCRUMDIDDILY PART? Halloween is about not being perfect!

See? The pressure’s off! Let your Jack O’Lantern wear that crooked smile! Let loose the skeletons from your closet! Grab a coloring page and scribble outside the lines! Embrace the weird, wibbly, wobbly perfection you already are.

Hundreds of completely FREE Pumpkin Carving Patterns and Stencils by Lisa B. The Pumpkin Lady! Browse a bunch of FUN Categories! Carve your Masterpiece this Halloween!

Now then, let’s carve!

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