Nature Pumpkin Carving Patterns, Templates, and Stencils

Ravens and spiders and bats…oh my! Choose your favorite FREE nature pumpkin carving patterns to carve!

Ravens and spiders and bats…oh my! It’s fun to decorate pumpkins with creepy creature carvings to startle the squeamish. Imagine bringing home the largest pumpkin you can find, one that fills a large wheelbarrow by itself, that takes up the whole trunk of your car, and then carving an enormous black widow on it! That should send those bratty neighbor’s kids running right?

You could carve a few dozen Baby Boo pumpkins, each with a flying bat. Drop a battery powered tea light inside and use fishing line to invisibly hang them from bare tree branches.

Spiders, Bats, and Stars oh my! This is a great collection of Pumpkin Carving Stencils, Patterns, and Templates if you want to add a little bit of nature to your Fall decorations this year!

Watch how they seem to fly! Even better, hide a small speaker at the base of the tree and play the sounds of bats screeching. You’ll have lots of dropped candy to fill your bowls after that!

There are so many more choices than these, though. Halloween is about showing off your own personality; the things you like and hold dear! Why not personalize your pumpkins with something cute rather than creepy?

If you live on or near a farm, why not a donkey, a barn under the stars, or a brown eyed cow? If you are worried that the littlest ones coming to your door may be afraid on Halloween, forget the spiders and carve the moon and stars instead. Add a few candles to light it and the stars will look like they are flickering in the night sky. Charming!

Growing up near the Chesapeake Bay, I swear there’s saltwater running through my veins. I love to carve a big blue crab on the largest pumpkin I can find and set it out to glow. By night’s end I know who all my beachy friends are as ocean lovers chatter about them.

So, what do you love? Rascally raccoons? A bunch of bugs? Seashells and sea stars? Put it on a pumpkin!