Word Search Puzzles

I struggle, daily, to find the words I want to say in a conversation. Nouns especially escape me. Once, on an errand excursion with our son, in vain I searched for the correct name of the place we were going to next. I babbled descriptions to him. “You know…it’s a place…they have stuff…um…it’s called money. And there are people there….you can pull up to a window and you give them money. It’s made of bricks…brown ones…the building that is. And….yeah…they have machines you can, um, get money from?”

Looking for a fun little Holiday Challenge? Try your Wordsmithing with these FREE Halloween & Fall Word Search Puzzles by The Pumpkin Lady!

He looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears.

“A bank? Is that what you’re trying to say? That’s where we are going next?”

Tears of laughter now.

“A BANK? You couldn’t say BANK?”

More laughter.

No. I could NOT think of the word “Bank” to save my life. But there were a few words I remembered.

“I can say, ‘You’re grounded.’ How about dat?”

The roar died down to shaking snickering snorting types of sounds.

We arrived at the teller window (you know….where there is one of those people you give money to) and I made my transaction. Then I asked for TWO lollipops for my teenager. I figured he couldn’t laugh too loudly with his mouth stuffed with candy!

And, NO. I will never live this down.

BUT. I can find all the words in Word Searches…quick as a wink! Probably because all the thinking is done for me! And my eagle-mom eyes never miss a thing, so I am a champ when it comes to solving them! I’ve done word searches of every type and subject, but truly I love holiday Word Searches the most, so I was excited to finally have the chance to create my own! And the best part of making my own is that they still need solving, so I get to enjoy them right along with you!

Have fun searching!