Happy Hallowkitty Punch Needle Pattern

Happy Hallowkitty FREE Punch Needle Pattern

Happy Hallowkitty!

Pumpkins are wonderful, but the best part about Halloween, aside from all the free candy, are black cats! Are you lucky enough to have one in your life? Or two? Or five? Black cats are like potato chips: ya gotta have more than one! In our home, it’s a rule that there will always be at least one rescued black cat. Honestly, though, we always have at least two, along with a rainbow of other colorful felines! When it comes to cats, the more the merrier!

This punch needle black cat has brought along a few of his friends. Two little stripey pumpkins are ready to get into trouble (I would not put them in charge of handing out candy. The only place it would go would be those big, grinning mouths!). But that ghost? Its sheet is freshly washed and ironed, ready to party on the best night of the whole year…Halloween!

Happy Hallowkitty FREE Punch Needle Pattern Close Up of Ear

Happy Hallowkitty makes a beautiful art piece when mounted to a decorative board but would look great sewn onto a basket or pillow, too. With it’s curved outline, it can be a little tricky to iron its remaining fabric border of weavers cloth behind the design for mounting. A quick fix for this is to make little cuts along the board with a pair of fine-tipped scissors, almost up to the thread loops. This lets you fold the fabric back and more easily iron it into place before using acid-free glue to stick it onto a well-worn decorative board.

Hallowkitty would also look sweet sewn onto a craft bag…or better still, a trick or treat bag! Especially if after that you fill that bag with sugary treats! Besides, why should kids have all the fun? (Admittedly, Halloween candy that you steal from your kid’s trick or treat bag always tastes better! Shhhh, don’t tell anyone!)

Tips & Tricks

Notice something odd about this pattern? It’s backwards! And it’s supposed to be! Punch needle is worked from back to front, so patterns are traced on in reverse, so that when the work is turned around to the front, the letters are in the correct order! A light board makes tracing a breeze…and be sure to pin the pattern to the weavers cloth before tracing so nothing shifts!

Always be on the lookout for thread thieves!

Outline the letters before filling them, or the background in. For the ghost, fill in his eyes and mouth before his body, and do the same for the little pumpkins as well!

When your design is complete, trim away the excess weavers cloth, leaving about a half-inch board around the entire cat. To make it easier to fold over this border for ironing, cut small slits from the outer border almost to the loops, about every half-inch all the way around the design.

Fold down the border onto the back of the design. The cut edges will overlap slightly. Iron into place. If you are worried about burning your fingers while holding down the small pieces, use the tip of your metal pair of scissors to hold the pieces in place for ironing, keeping your fingers at a safe distance!

Always keep a pile of parchment paper on hand…it makes a great quick cover to protect your work surface! Use a small stiff brush to smooth acid-free fabric glue onto the back of your project, being sure to add a little extra under the ironed edge. Flip over and glue to your decorative board and enjoy your masterpiece!