Winter-themed Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Brrrr, Baby, it’s cold outside! Grab those leftover pumpkins and carve out some wintry fun with these free snowmen and winter-themed pumpkin carving patterns and templates!

Do you have uncarved pumpkins that last for months and months, or do you get several inches of snow in the fall?

We like to think it only snows at Christmas (or at least we hope it will!), but for our friends up North, October brings falling leaves and falling snow!

Have you ever seen a snowy fall? There are more snowmen then spirits! But with woods covered in a dusting of white, the purity of the autumn colors doesn’t just shine through, it glows.

Bright yellow leaves glisten, oranges seem to vibrate with a light from within, reds look like tongues of fire licking the deep chocolate colored branches.

If magic is real, then this is the place you will find it!

And once the autumn days have passed, many of us have uncarved pumpkins that last! What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with bright Cinderella pumpkins with twisted long green stems? Set them on the porch carved in Harvest Home patterns to greet your guests!

Carve little green and gold gourds with stars and light them with cinnamon scented tea lights. Let them glow between pictures on the mantle. Set them on the table to highlight Grandma’s green bean casserole and Aunt Sophie’s Special Stuffing. Let them shine on the faces of the ones you hold so dear.

And as Christmas draws near, take the last of your pumpkins, and paint them! Red! Green! Gold! Cover their stems with silver foil and carve out a tree of stars on them, or a snowy family, or Santa! You’ll have giant lighted ornaments to decorate your porch! You may even use these as stencils, cutting out shapes to make your own specially personalized Christmas cards!

Use these patterns to create a Winter Wonderland of your own. Frosty and Rudolph will thank you!