Skulls & Skeletons Pumpkin Carving Patterns

FREE Pumpkin Carving Patterns to shake, rattle and roll dem Halloween bones...and carve out your very own Halloween Masterpiece this year!

FREE pumpkin carving patterns to shake, rattle and roll dem Halloween bones!

My family. We have a weird sense of humor. (Okay, so it seems perfectly “normal” to us but what is “normal” anyway? But I digress.) This may be the biggest reason why we love Halloween so much because it’s the perfect time for embracing all your wonderful weirdness! And we do!

For example, my son and I were perusing stores for Halloween sales when I found something that seemed to just call out my name: a LIFE-SIZED SKELETON (and he was 50% off! Score!)!

He was glorious! He was big, and light, and plastic, and they had aged the bones so well! He had almost a goofy sort of grin, seemingly so happy that he had found his long-lost family and was finally coming home!

And yes. We were sure the skeleton was a he. And his name was Ethel. We don’t judge.

But how to get him home? Taking after his vertically challenged parents, our son was just barely too small to sit up front, but the rest of the car was filled with moving boxes. So, what did we do?

We strapped Ethel into the front seat! He was so happy to be riding up front! He even tilted his head to look out the window! He didn’t mind the seat belt one bit!

Ahhhh yes. The expressions from the other drivers? Especially when idling the car, waiting for the lights to turn from red to green? PRICELESS.

Riding was so much fun with Ethel, and since he was so happy for the adventure, we let him stay! Every day, running to the grocery store, waiting in the drop off line at school, going to the scout meeting held at the Methodist church, Ethel gleefully rode along!

For years after, Ethel held the place of honor in our car, a very special passenger indeed! And in the months after Halloween, he guarded the fireplace hearth.

Besides…what else are you supposed to do with a skeleton if not make he or she a member of your family? These patterns are dedicated to all those with a special Ethel in your life!