Simple Jacks Pumpkin Carving Patterns

The simplest of Jack O’ Lanterns is the first type of pattern carving most of us ever try, including yours truly!

Then, as Halloweens pass and we get older, we try more complicated patterns: cats, werewolves and vampires galore. Witchy pumpkins are charming and monster pumpkins alarming, but we love them all!

Finally, for the most daring among us, we may grab up enough courage to carve a portrait pumpkin! We just know that our friends will be soooo impressed and that we’ll win every pumpkin contest out there! And some of us do. But after that, then what?

Personally, I came back to carving classic Jacks. Yes, it’s exciting to see glowing portraits but not so exciting to see them rotting away within the hour! But a classic Jack O’lantern can last for days or even a week or more! And the classics are incredibly charming!

Even better? Classic Jacks are fun to carve! I love the simple designs! Spending hour upon hour carving the complicated designs can become pretty painful when tired and sore muscles kick in and scream. But a simple smile and a triangle nose and pair of eyes?

From cleaning out your pumpkin until you are finished and lighting it can be done in less than an hour! Perfect!

If you still want to impress the neighbors, feel free to keep the designs you use simple, just carve lots of them! One glowing Jack is special, but a dozen?

Spectacular! Pile them along porch railings, set them on the front steps, spread them down the sidewalks, lighting the way for gleeful children to dash to your door.

And you don’t have to wait until the last minute on Halloween to carve these designs…spread the fun out over three or four days so you may take your time and enjoy the process more.

Happy or horrible. Adorable or angry. Scared or scared stupid. There are so many personalities to pick from! Pick just one or pick them all, but a simple Jack O’ Lantern is still my favorite pumpkin pick, period!