Screatures Pumpkin Carving Stencils, Templates, and Patterns

Yes, little children, be filled with dread, there ARE monsters under your bed! Have fun with these FREE Creepy Pumpkin Carving Patterns & Stencils!

We all have things that give us a fright! As for me….vampires? Nope! Dentist, maybe? But not vampires. Frankenstein?

Nope…I can’t be afraid of his stiff legged walk when my knees are just as bad! Mummys? Puhlease. You should have seen my Great Aunt Ida before she put her makeup on. She is way scarier!

What about you? Is it the sounds that go bump in the night? (In our house, we call those cats!) Brain eating zombies? (Poor things, I always thought if they’d tried to eat my brothers they’d have starved!) How about just driving by a cornfield on a moonless night? (Those give me the heebie jeebies ever since I watched the movie, Children of the Corn!)

Enjoy Goblins, Ghouls, Creepy Trees, Spooky Creatures, and Funny Monsters Galore with this collection of Pumpkin Carving Patterns, Templates, and Stencils!

Creepy trees? Nope, they are too cool! Killer scarecrows? Maybe, but it doesn’t take much to knock the stuffing out of them! Do flying fiends send you flying? (Get out the bug zapper!)

If you saw a hairy monster, would you run for your life or find a hairbrush? Would you dodge a drooling dragon or learn how to train them? (I would saddle up!)

There are two things that truly give me a fright, politicians and clowns, though the politicians are the scariest by far (and technically they may both be the same thing at times!). There’s not a monster alive that scares me more than a politician since they’re bite is worse than any monster’s chomp, and their wounds seem to last much longer.

And at least when it comes to screatures, I can usually tell when they may bite! I myself can’t even bear to look at a politician! Luckily, I can just handle seeing clowns, so I’ve included the Funhouse Master, a simple cousin of Pennywise, to give you a little chill down your spine.

Or, you could just turn on the news. Now THAT is scary!