Hallowords Pumpkin Carving Patterns, Templates, and Stencils

Trick or Treat. Smell My Feet, Give Me Sumthin’, Good to Eat! Snap, Cackle and Creak.

And what party would be complete without carvings saying Eat, Drink and Be Scary in the center of the party table?

There are certain words that remind us of Halloween, like “Hocus Pocus.” But other words are just as magical. “Apples.” Can’t you smell the sweetness?

Taste the honey-like flavor of the perfect Honeycrisp on your tongue? Hear the leaves crunch under your feet as you walk through the orchard with your basket full?

Add a little fun and some Pumpkin Spice to your porch this year with these wonderful Pumpkin Carving Templates, Stencils, and Patterns featuring a swath of Fall and Halloween Words!

Or, “Pumpkins.” Close your eyes but see a field of green and brown vines twisting around giant orange globes. Feel how heavy they are in your arms. Wonder at the colors of the deepest orange Cinderella pumpkin, the brilliant white of a Lumina, the grayish Blue Lakota.

“Gourds.” Run your fingers over their bumpy and smooth textures, notice their alien shapes, their speckles and stripes.

Words are magic!

Use these words to light up your own magical night. Use the “Candy” signs to point trick or treaters to your door. Have a pumpkin patch? Trace out these stencils on wood, then paint in the letters to create the perfect signs for your farm. Creating your own haunted house? Carve out a few sound effects to set just the right creepy mood for those waiting in line.

Not sure which to use? Use the alphabet to make some of your own! Click, download, then print the letters you need (you may have to make a few extra copies for duplicate letters). Cut out around each letter, leaving about an inch of border around it. Arrange them to form whatever words you want, tape them onto your pumpkin, trace and carve!

And if you have kids? Use the alphabet pattern to spell out and carve their name on a pumpkin. Who doesn’t want to see their name up in lights?