Ghosts Pumpkin Carving Patterns, Stencils, and Templates

Woo hoo! I love things that go “Boo!” Don’t you? Checkout these adorable, FREE, ghost pumpkin carving patterns and stencils!

Let’s really get into the “spirit” of Halloween and carve out something “bootiful!”

Who says that Casper the Friendly Ghost gets to have all the fun? Ghosts are lots of fun and easy to carve with their smooth curves and chubby little bodies. And the happier they are the happier I am carving them on a pumpkin!

While the movies make ghosts out to be holy terrors, here you’ll encounter more mischievous supernatural beings than sinister fiends. One of my ghostly favorites is the “Ghoster Coaster,” where three little imps steal a mine train for the ride of their “lives.”

Did the room just get a little colder? Are you seeing things out of the corner of your eye? Don't worry, it's probably one of the friendly little spirits from our collection of Ghost Pumpkin Carving Stencils, Patterns, and Templates.

Some are too tired to haunt and use a little “sign language” to help them get through. And any time I can put a cat on a pattern? I do! And I just love their little startled expressions when a ghost has popped out to play! (Though if It actually happened to me, I’m sure I’d outrun the cat!)

I can’t say whether ghosts are real or not, but they do run wild in my imagination! I live in an old house. When I come home at night, I often wonder if there are a few residents from the past that may be looking down from the attic window.

I believe they’re smiling because I rarely bother with sweeping the cobwebs away since it makes the ghosts feel right at home when half the scaring is already done for them! (And the spiders likewise appreciate my thoughtful consideration)

Hopefully the only ghosts your find this Halloween are on your pumpkins and not hiding behind them. And if they are quietly sneaking behind your foam gravestones, ready to pounce on those unaware? Hand them a pumpkin scoop and tell them to get busy helping you! No scares until the trick or treaters get there!