Doggie Pumpkin Carving Patterns, Stencils, and Templates

If there is one thing I know in this world it is this: dogs love us more than they love themselves.

As the saying goes, if only we could be as good as our dogs think we are! These furry little souls give us their best, and we have rarely, if ever, deserved it.

From the rescue dogs saving lost children, to the old dogs that rescue our hearts, how could we ever live without them? And while we may love the pudgy little wrinkled cuteness of a velvet furred puppy, there’s nothing more precious in the world than the wrinkled graying muzzle of our senior dogs, is there?

Show off your favorite Pupper this fall with this adorable collection of Pumpkin Carving Templates, Patterns, and Templates featuring breeds and cute canine caricatures!

When it comes to our favorite holiday, dogs are the Happy Halloween spirit personified. Is there anything cuter than a Corgi in a costume? A Dachshund looking like a hotdog in a bun? A big-eyed pug dressed like a bumble bee? (It’s hilarious to watch their little antennae and shimmery wings bounce!)

Dogs bring joy to every occasion, especially Halloween. And, let’s face it, they certainly listen to us better than trick or treaters hyped up on Halloween candy!

It must be great to be a dog on Halloween! After all, it’s a lot longer for them, isn’t it? For Fido, one year of life for them is like seven years for us, so does that mean that instead of one day for Halloween, we would get seven? That would be heaven!

Just remember, while dogs can perform lots of simple tricks, please be careful with the treats! Keep the Halloween candy away from your puppers. Chocolate is toxic to dogs big and small and sugar free peanut butter isn’t a treat at all!

A Happy Halloween is a safe Halloween for us and our dogs, so be careful when handing out the treats. Besides, the best treat for a dog is time with his favorite person…you!