Americana Pumpkin Carving Patterns, Stencils, and Templates

No country in the world celebrates Halloween bigger and better than the United States! Though the Irish hold dear the legend of the first Jack o’ lanterns, which were originally carved in turnips, Americans have taken these humble beginnings and turned them into an art form!

And the scare factor doesn’t stop at Halloween with our country’s elections only a few days away from it on November 2nd. After all, what’s scarier than a politician?

(Admit it, just one glance at them coming your way is sure to make you run faster than if you were chased by a whole crew of creepy clowns!)

But here?

We leave politics to the pumpkinheads in Washington. The only thing we want to remind you about is to do the most important thing you can do to celebrate America each year…vote!

Show off your American pride with these wonderful Patriotic Pumpkin Carving Stencils, Patterns, and Templates featuring everything from the Stars and Stripes to your favorite Party!

Voting is more patriotic than fireworks on the Fourth of July!

For those who want to show some patriotic pride, you’ll find a simply sweet flag pattern to carve. If you love the stars from the flag, how about carving a whole pumpkin of just stars?

Carve them all around the pumpkin, then set the carving near a wall. When lit, the stars not only glow in the dark, but now they’ll light the walls with stars galore, too!

Up for a challenge?

How about carving good ol’ Uncle Sam? Or carve a fabulous Founding Father in honor of your fifth grade American History teacher?

(He probably looks like one anyway…I know mine did! He even dressed up like George Washington on a weekly basis!)

There are a few animals, too, for those that want some party elephants or donkeys. Personally, I love the American eagle pattern that truly celebrates the strong, beautiful spirit of our country.

Whichever pattern gets your vote this season, it’s sure to be the perfect choice for you!