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May I use your patterns to make items to sell?

NO!  Our patterns are the copyright protected property of The Pumpkin Lady®, Inc. and may not be used for the production of ANY item for sale or commercial distribution in any medium, physical or digital. We will press charges against any entity infringing on our copyright protected material or trademark. We are extremely nice people but are EXTREMELY aggressive towards thieves!

May I copies of your patterns?

You may make a few copies of the patterns you purchased from us if you are hosting a small gathering or simply need a couple of copies in case one gets messed up :). However, you do not have the right to distribute our patterns to friends, co-workers, customers, event goers or family members simply to “save” them from having to purchase the pattern(s).

HELP! I downloaded my pattern but am unable to find it!

No worries :)!  We name our pattern files the same as it’s title on the website minus the spaces followed by “pdf”. For example, the pattern “Chat Cat” is named ChatCat.pdf – so all you have to do is do a search on your computer for the name of your pattern minus the spaces and it should pop up. For Mac users…open Finder and type the name of the file in the search box…the Mac does the rest :)! If all else fails just download the pattern again….

I do not have a printer. Will you mail my pattern(s) to me?

We have been providing pumpkin carving patterns for over twenty years and have put together a collection of our most frequently asked support related questions. If you need assistance, please message us on Facebook and someone will reply as soon as we are able to.