The Pumpkin Lady Rides Again

Decorative Boxes for HalloweenIt. Has Been. A. Crazy Year. That’s actually an understatement! Last fall, I attended a local university full-time to continue my billion-year pursuit of obtaining a degree and, more importantly, learn new skills! On a positive note, I met some truly wonderful people. On the downside, I was literally there 7 days a week, putting in 80-100 hours a week on schoolwork.  In the midst of chaos came my Halloween season. It started really well! But then, the website began having problems. Lots of problems! Haven’t been able to blog, site kept going down…honestly, if it wasn’t for wonderful, dedicated Pumpkin Lady fans, I might have thrown in the towel!

In the middle of craziness, have you ever wondered what if the most horrid, worst thing possible happened right then? Well, it did. The site went completely down on my biggest sales weekend of the year. Please understand, I love what I do, but without an income I can’t do it! I have a huge herd of cats to support! This, I’d thought, was always my worst nightmare. And now it was happening. But that wasn’t the most awful part. The stress of it gave my hubby a major health scare. Talk about being down and out!

But here’s the wonderful thing about having the worst thing you can imagine actually happen to you. You realize it’s not the worse thing. Don’t get me wrong, there’s been a lot of Ramen and Mac and Cheese meals since then, due to our income being reduced to nil. Truly scary! But after a trip to the doctor’s, my hubby’s illness was just stress, not the possible stroke we thought it might be. God gave us a warning sign. We are blessed. And my business? We spent the afternoon gnashing teeth, cursing far more than was ladylike, and fighting with hosting companies to no avail. Then we looked at each other, wiped away the tears, and asked, “What next?”

Giving up is not an option. Through it all, we had the most wonderful support from our fans and followers. They didn’t give up on us, so we didn’t either.  It’s taken us time to regroup, but I want you to know that we’re still here! Still creating, still dreaming, and still putting the Happy with Halloween! Even better, a whole new wave of inspiration has hit, and design fever has already begun! I’m already creating new patterns for 2012, and taking the designs to a new level….3D!  I’m using The Pumpkin Lady pumpkin patterns to create all types of decorative pieces, like the boxes and plaque in today’s blog post. And there will be Paperclay sculptures to show you soon! I hope they inspire you to be creative, be playful, and not be afraid to try something new! Oh! And most importantly, I hope they make you happy!

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One comment on “The Pumpkin Lady Rides Again
  1. nellys (eugenelle lafleur) says:

    Hi, pumpking lady, lisa, its me nellys from the groop we formed in 2000,women of wisdom with, goldi, pink, flummoxe, nutsie, juju, plantmaster, etc.
    Was pregnant at 45 remember? had a baby girl at 10 pounds and 3/4! , super good form today.
    Ilost your site for a wile and by emptiyng boxes from moving in a new appartement and fixing my scap little place i found mail copys i kept , and remembered how it was at that time…so great!
    I am happy for you that you steel continewing what you love to do, new patterns and new artifacs, great!.
    I would very much hearing from you, please write to me ok?, byby!!

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