The Day the Moon Popped

CVP - Cat Voice Phenomenon

Hearing that the moon had popped!

Yes, The Pumpkin Lady has pumpkins year round in her home. In fact, I still have four little white pumpkins around my wood stove, and one Giant 60lb Full Moon pumpkin in my living room. Strike that. I DID have one giant white Full Moon pumpkin in my living room. Until last night….

Certain aromas make one wake up and notice them. Having a herd of cats, the litter box can be one of them. However, myself and a few diligent family members make sure that is usually not the case. So, when around 8 o’clock I smelled something, well, let’s just say not too pretty, I asked my son to check up on his nightly chore of cleaning the litter box. Oddly enough, no surprises there that match the odor now wafting through my house. Literally following me room to room. I’d stop, and then this waft of air would pass, carrying with it the smell of something…decomposing? rotten? Did something die under the house? (living in the country and constantly trying to ward off raccoons, possums, and skunks from taking up residence under my house, this wouldn’t be a big surprise if it happened.)

Then I hear from my son, “Mom, when I went to take the trash out, I stepped in this huge wet spot on the floor, and it smells like vinegar!” Vinegar? Dear Lord, the Hairball Bandit has struck again? If only. We go into the living room and there, at the edge of the area rug, is an ever-growing seeping darkness. I touch it. Bubbles. Alas, no Hairball Bandit…but there is a puddle on the hardwood floor. I look over, and this little puddle is at the end of a Giant River, the Nile, the Amazon, flowing through my living room, where it becomes the Adriatic Sea with the Full Moon Island rising in the middle of it. Quick! Get the lifeboats! Bail, boys, we’re starting to sink!

I shout to my son to grab towels, all that he could find. Now I know that 50lbs of this 60lb pumpkin is FLUID GOO. There is an ocean of rotten pumpkin goo, and a half exploded pumpkin ten feet from the door. I reason that I could turn it on it’s side, and roll it out the door. NOPE. I touch it. It literally POPS. Splits like an alien life form from which I think some minion of ┬áThe Great Pumpkin is going to pop out and eat my face. Rotten goo joins the ocean of liquid. The only thing that gets dragged out the door is the carpet and padding….did you know that I’m one of the only people in the world with a carpeted driveway? How’s that for luxury?

So, now I have the Sea of Stink, oozing across my floor, and five of seven cats completely fascinated, hurtling themselves in excitement onto the giant cat tree, to the top of the tv, back over the sea, only to begin the process again. The chase has begun. And the splashing. And the wet paws spreading oozy pawprints through the house. Sigh.

An hour, three trash cans, one destroyed carpet and pad, one roll of paper towel, two blankets and six towels later, my floors have been freshly scrubbed and my gag reflex is slowly calming down. I can now shut the windows safely. And seven cats are thrilled, because I had to lay their cat tree on the floor, to dry out the carpeting along the bottom…it has now become an obstacle course and a new game of King of the Mountain. I think I might even leave it that way for awhile.

I was to go shopping today for pumpkins for a new project to add to my website. Please accept my apologies and I hope you understand that it might be a few days before I can stomach the thought of cleaning out pumpkin goo, even if I AM The Pumpkin Lady!

Just wondering….why can’t the same stuff that makes pumpkin pie smell as NICE as pumpkin pie? Now, where’s my cinammon….

And today’s Picture? Sorry, didn’t get a picture of goo…but CVP’s expression over the whole thing? Yeah, that’s what we were feeling, too!

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  1. Jen says:

    Oh my gish, that sounds almost as gross and stinky as the skunk that died under my house this summer. And a bad stink stays with you for several days. Yuck! I love that kitty pic, too funny:)

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