Harvest Moon – Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Harvest Moon Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Harvest Moon Pumpkin Carving Pattern

“Everyone must take some time to sit and watch the leaves turn.” -Elizabeth Lawrence

Here are some helpful Pumpkin Carving Tips to help bring your Halloween Masterpiece to LIFE! (Link to the Pumpkin Carving Download is below the Tips.)

Pumpkin Carving Tips #1
Pick out a great pumpkin!
Tip:Choosing a pumpkin with smooth skin, rather than deep ridges, will make applying a pattern so much easier! More bumps equal more hassle!
Pumpkin Carving Tips #4
Tape the pattern to the pumpkin while overlapping the tears.
Tip:Having trouble putting on the pattern? Before you tape it down, make several tears, about three inches apart, all around the outside edge of the pattern. When you tape it down, this will make the pattern form to your pumpkins rounded shape.
Pumpkin Carving Tips #7
Rub some white flour over the dots and watch the magic happen! Now you’re ready to carve!
Tip:If you’re having trouble viewing your poked out pattern, rub a little flour, cornstarch or baby powder into the dots. The dots will turn bright white and your design will practically pop off the pumpkin!


Crop Keeper – Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Crop Keeper Pumpkin Carving Pattern

The Crop Keeper was the Scarecrow King! He had gnarled vines for arms that ended in pointed curling tendrils. He wore a ragged, torn shirt from the last kid he caught!

I never saw the point of most of the scarecrows I saw in the gardens around our small town. They were “cutesy.” Rosy cheeked. A silly grin slapped on their stuffed faces. What proper crow would allow themselves to be scared by such a silly clown?

The crows were too smart for that and used those scarecrows like we do a park bench on a sunny day. I thought their cawing was just their way at laughing at us!

But while a garden seems like a bird’s cheerful eatery, the rows and rows of corn seemed like a better feast. Although I still love corn on the cob, you couldn’t pay me enough to venture into those cornfields, esp. once the stalks had dried in the fall and all the corn was gone. The stalks would rustle and creek in the wind. I just knew that all sorts of horrible creatures could be found within…all guarded by the Crop Keeper!

The Crop Keeper was the Scarecrow King! He had gnarled vines for arms that ended in pointed curling tendrils. He wore a ragged, torn shirt from the last kid he caught! His hat was all the last farmer left behind on the day he “disappeared.” The Crop Keeper would float through the rows of corn, moving with the wind rustling in the leaves so you couldn’t hear him coming before it’s too late. Now that’s the kind of scarecrow that would keep the crows away! And everyone else, too!

Pro Tips: Want to up the creep factor of this pattern?

1. The Crop Keeper’s shirt should look torn and ragged. Feel free to add a few more cuts along the edges to make it look more worn.

2. There are three pumpkins sitting on the ground. Make them look like little minions by giving them slanted, angry eyes and a wicked grin to match their master!

The Crop Keeper Pumpkin Carving Pattern Pinterest Image


Corny – Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Corny Pumpkin Carving Pattern

What do you think of when someone says, “Cornfields”? An ocean of green stalks? Tan tassels? Golden rows of sweetness?

I’m eight again, walking with my grandfather’s shepherd/malamute mix, Milly, around the edges of his property. A green grassy border marked the boundary, then a wall of corn stalks, soaring several feet over my head. Milly would bounce in and out of the stalks, chasing rabbits, her fur blocking the spiders and other beasties from staying on her.

Sans fur, I was scared to death to venture in. I didn’t see corn stalks…I saw giant spiders. So many spiders! And the field went from eerily silent to a whispered rustling. I loved seeing the crows as they felt like the only other sign of life. My imagination said that other things lived in that field of corn and they’d be happy to meet me on the next dark and stormy night! Nope!

Instead, I patiently waited for Milly, outside the field of corn and near the guardian of my grandfather’s garden, his scarecrow. Denim overalls, red flannel shirt, and topped with a straw hat, I felt like that blank face was smiling down on me, keeping me safe from the fiends of the field. Corny may not have kept the crows away but he did keep me safe! (I think!)

Pro Tips: This smiling scarecrow warmly greets even the most fearful of little trick or treaters!

  1. The separation between the top of the hat and the brim makes it look like there’s a band of ribbon around it. But, if you want to keep things simple, you can just cut straight through this section and the two parts will just become one big floppy hat!
  2. If you are pressed for time, you may skip carving out the bowtie altogether, but it does make him look a little debonair and gives him a slight definition of a chin.
  3. Don’t worry about being too careful with his hair. If the pieces look a little shaggy? All the better!

Corny Pumpkin Carving Pattern Pinterest Image