A Night Out On The Town – Pumpkin Carving Pattern

A Night Out On The Town Pumpkin Carving Pattern

There’s something magical about Halloween…

There’s something magical about Halloween, and it’s not just the little costumed witches scampering down the sidewalk. Although we’re more likely to use a broom to sweep the walk than ride the skies, we hope it’s all as real as a child’s belief in Santa Claus.

The truth is that there’s a lot of me in the patterns I create, this one especially so! When I was little I hoped that I was adopted (seriously, how could I possibly be related to my gooney brothers?), but as an adult? Well…I still wish that I’d been adopted…then discovered that I was actually from a long line of witches and that one chilly Halloween I’d find my family!

Okay. So, I’m still waiting for all that to pan out. But until then, I can dress the part! A “killer” pair of shoes (Halloween pun intended), green and black striped stockings, and a hat taller than I am seems like a perfect ensemble. And a tattered dress in layers of black and emerald would make me the envy of the Wicked Witch of the West!

Now…if I could just find where I put my broom. Maybe I should just settle for my vacuum. After all, I never did learn how to drive a stick!

Pro Tip: Either a flickering candle or a battery operated light will make this moon stand out, but, for new carvers, getting that witch to actually look like one can make or break your design. Here’s some tips to help out!

  1. After your carving is finished, light it up and see how the carving looks. An adult may carefully use a paring or utility knife to smooth out any rough lines around the witch’s pointy hat and face. Use it to make your lines precise if your carving saw was unable to get it just right.
  2. Be very careful not to overcut the areas where the broom meets the outer edge of the moon, and especially where her one foot touches the edge. These areas connect the “floating” witch and without them your design will fall out! Take your time, enjoy the process, and make a magical carving this Halloween!

A Night Out On The Town Pumpkin Carving Pattern Pinterest Image