Season of Change

Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.

~George Eliot

I know of those who dislike Autumn, though I find that difficult to understand. They see leaves dying, landscapes turning gray. This has never crossed my mind! Fall is a riotous explosion of color.  That moment when the party finally gets in full swing. An exclamation point. The Fourth of July spread over an entire month!

Autumn is the busiest of seasons for me, filled with hopes of quieter chilly days to follow. This year has been one of the most difficult of my 40 years. (Yes, I said it, forty!). Hands down the busiest, as if it was even possible to top the last several, but it did. Our son is preparing for college, finishing his Eagle project, and is as super busy as we are. My dear pumpkin hubby, although he is back to health now and working diligently to ensure a smooth pumpkin season, had a heaping hiccup with cancer at the beginning of the year. A million doctor visits and bills later, we are finally beginning to see light, and the doctors have given him a clean bill of health for which we are forever grateful. Our furry herd of felines has done their best to keep our spirits lifted and our toes warm at night. I’ve spent every other second working on a pumpkin portrait commission for a haunt show in St. Louis…and I do mean every second! Seven days a week for months! But it is finished, shipped and on display and I’ll be posting photos for you to see soon!

It is as though the calendar chugged a Red Bull this year. We blinked and almost ten months have passed. All of life feels like that, doesn’t it? Looks like year’s end will be just as busy! Healthier now, we are all moving full steam ahead, and on to new projects! I’ve loved the designs I’ve created for The Pumpkin Lady website, but I’ve longed to bring my creatures to life, and am now doing just that! I hope you will embrace our new sister site, Spinbob Studios! Spinbob Studios is happiness brought to life. It is all the crazy little doodles I’ve scribbled since childhood, sculpted into one of a kind folk art creatures. Each mixed media design is inspired by happy childhood memories of holidays past, furry friends, and just all the little thoughts that tickle me silly!

Jack and Lisa

The Pumpkin Hubby and The Pumpkin Lady

As you can see, it’s been a crazy year! Thank you for supporting The Pumpkin Lady, and I hope you will follow Spinbob Studios as well for doses of happiness from the playful personalities you’ll find there. Let’s pray that this is the best holiday season we’ve ever had!

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