Rule #5 Give Your Pumpkin a Mani-Pedi!

Beautiful with her pumpkin

Beautiful knows how to keep her pumpkin as pretty as she is for Halloween!

You’ve made it home from the patch and all your little pumpkins are sitting safe and sound on the porch. Then you open the screen door and the corner nicks the closest pumpkin. Your friendly neighborhood squirrel decides to take a nibble. Juggling your thermos and mail you drop your keys and it leaves a little tiny gash near the stem.

So much for safe and sound little pumpkins!

The second the pumpkin shell is nicked, bacteria starts to grow in the exposed area. Not a big deal the day before Halloween, but if you’re a sucker like I am and buy pumpkins the second their available (I’d buy them in January if I could!) those pumpkins will rot down to mush weeks before trick or treaters knock on your door. What do you do?

Nail polish! Cheap, clear, nail polish! Good for your mani-pedi, good for your little pumpkins! Seal those little gashes immediately and you’ll keep your pumpkin healthy for Halloween, even if it’s weeks away. And don’t worry about that little nick ruining the look of your Jack o’lantern…be an artist and tell people “It’s not a nick, it’s patina!”

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