Pumpkin Preservation: Rule #4 A Cool Drink of Water

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Keep your pumpkin looking great with a cool drink of water!


We aren’t the only ones who need water…your little pet pumpkin carvings do, too! The second your pumpkin carving is completed it begins to dehydrate. You might not notice it at first, so you go to bed that first night after safely tucking in your little pumpkin, and wake up in the morning glaring at a shriveled up old man. That’s dehydration! All those little closely cut lines are sagging and disintegrating in front of your very eyes and your pumpkin carving bragging rights go down the drain!

However, there is something you can do to slow the process down. Water. Good old H2O. I keep a bottle full of it around during autumn, just for my pumpkins! I also add a few drops of bleach to it as well. First of all, the bleach helps prevent mold, which loves nothing better than fresh cut pumpkin. Second, the water helps rehydrate your carving, keeping those finely carved lines pleasantly plump. Give the carved area a good misting, morning and night…maybe even once or twice during the day if the weather is really warm where you live. Water is the closest thing to wrinkle cream you’ll find for a pumpkin!

Another way to seal in that moisture is to keep your carving covered when not on display. The minute the candle has been blown out, the smoke dispersed and the pumpkin cooled down, mist the pumpkin and then wrap it in plastic wrap! Keep the plastic wrap on until it’s time to either mist it again or place it on display. Plastic wrap seals in the moisture and gives a little longevity to your carving.

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One comment on “Pumpkin Preservation: Rule #4 A Cool Drink of Water
  1. Bubba says:

    After carving, I place the pumpkin in my fish pond or a bucket of water until it’s time to display it again. I’ve been able to keep the carvings looking almost freshly carved for weeks this way.
    I’ll be adding bleach to my bucket of water this year- great idea.

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