Pumpkin Preservation: Rule #3 If You Can’t Stand the Heat…

Save me!
For today’s blog we continue with our tips on preserving your pumpkin. Did you know that where you live affects the life of your carving?

I live in the Mid-Atlantic. This means that during the last week of October, daytime temps could be 60 degrees…or 90! And some of my friends to the North can see temps plummet. Both extremes are harmful to your little pumpkin friend. Heat is a carved pumpkin’s worst enemy! During the day, keep your pumpkin OUT of the sun. A cool basement is best, a place of honor in your refrigerator, or, at the very least, keep it in a shady spot in the yard. Warm temps will dehydrate your pumpkin, making the carving cave, and can accelerate mold growth. And please note: if daytime or nighttime temps drop to freezing or below, get those Jacks inside! Pumpkins will freeze, and once they thaw you have a mushy, soppy, rotten mess. Heat? Nope. Freezing? Fuggeddaboudit. Channel James Dean and keep your pumpkin cool!

Ready for a few more tips? Check out tomorrow’s Rule #4: A Cool Drink of Water.

And if you missed any tips, they’re only a click away!

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5 comments on “Pumpkin Preservation: Rule #3 If You Can’t Stand the Heat…
  1. Juls~ says:

    AWESOME! Will look forward to your patterns for Halloween! :)


  2. Sandra says:

    What happened to #4?

  3. toni b says:

    I have always taken a Q-tip and used vaseline to coat the cut edges to keep them fresh and to prevent the edges from curling. This works for those more detailed lines. The carving has a longer life with just a thin coating.

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