Golden Retriever – Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Golden Retrievers have hearts of gold. Is there anything sweeter than a Golden’s smile?

Writer Andy Rooney once wrote, “The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.” Honestly, I don’t believe that any person can be as sweet and nice as a Golden Retriever!

Golden Retrievers have hearts of gold. Is there anything sweeter than a Golden’s smile? Or the face of an older dog, when silver hairs start to mask their face, softening their expression even more, endearing to even the most hardened soul.

Have you ever even seen a Golden Retriever not smiling? They are the epitome of joy and that’s what a good dog brings to us. Laughter. Fun energy. A friend who always believes in the best of you!

And the chocolate brown soulful eyes are pure magic. One look and you can’t say no to those puppy eyes…no matter how old the dog is! And who can resist a Golden Retriever puppy? The first few months they are all squishy goodness, then turn into these gentle goofballs who can’t control their long floppy legs and big paws. But the clowns of youth that can bounce to the moon and back again eventually mature into the senior dog of our dreams…laying their silken heads in our lap during sunny naps on the couch.

Seriously, is there anything better than a Golden Retriever?

Pro Tips: Follow these tips and you’ll be golden!

1. The eye is the most important part of this carving. Be very careful with the placement of the highlight in the eye, following the pattern closely or your dog will look like it has a wonky eye!

2. After you carve out the smaller sections of the eye, be very careful when you carve out the surrounding areas. Do not overcut…make your corners sharp and on point so this area won’t fall out of the finished design!

Golden Retriever Pumpkin Carving Pattern Pinterest Image