Glurp – Pumpkin Carving Pattern

True fear is not something that any of us want to experience. But there’s a thrill to a “fun” scare that’s irresistible!

Creepy goodness! That is what Glurp…and Halloween…are all about! True fear is not something that any of us want to experience. But there’s a thrill to a “fun” scare that’s irresistible!

Halloween is like riding a roller coaster. It’s a spine-tingling sensation that grows as we get towards the peak. The brain knows that we are “safe,” buckled into a car that’s fully controlled by brakes, guarded by sensors, and checked by engineers for safety. Ahh but our hearts? Our hearts quicken pace, pulsating through our rib cage, and our breathing comes in gasps. Our flight or fight reflexes engage and before we know it we are screaming for joy down the hills at breakneck speed. We are both terrified and exhilarated!

That’s what Halloween feels like! We love dashing from porch to porch, the lights and colorful decorations drawing us in like moths to a flame. Safe in the light we are rewarded with treats…but then…we turn to face the darkness we must run through to get to the next house. In the shadows we see little children disguised in monstrous masks. And yet…are there real monsters hiding just beyond them in the darkest shadows? Was that our costume catching on a leafy branch or the sound of claws crunching through leaves. We make a run for it, screaming, laughing, hairy wings and longer capes fluttering in our wake as we arrive, breathless, at the next house with a porch guarded by jack o’lanterns.

Glurp is the perfect porch protector. Trick or treaters love his toothy smile, bared teeth in a devilish grin that’s somewhere between malice and glee. He’s an imp, ready to snap at a fairy’s wing, giving you a quick wink when he sees you peeking at him out of the corner of an eye as you wait for the coming treats. Did that pumpkin just move? You can’t be certain if Glurp moved. The only thing you can be certain of is that you don’t want to stick around any longer to find out!

Pro Tips: Glurp’s eyes are rounded on the top, giving him a creepy, sly personality. However, instead of arched, makes the top line of the eyes go to a point instead of being rounded and he will look angry and fierce instead! And to up the creep factor? Add some more fangs along the top row of teeth…just be careful you don’t get bit!

Glurp Pumpkin Carving Pattern Pinterest Image