Charmer – Pumpkin Carving Pattern

For all those who know that unicorns do exist, this pattern was made especially for you!

Every little girl wants a pony. Did I? No. I wanted a hundred ponies! From Clydesdales to Shetlands and everything in between, I would have taken any and all of them! Until…

The Last Unicorn. Ever watched this animated movie? My ten-year-old self watched it and it has haunted me since. I was enchanted. It made me cry ‘til I couldn’t any more, keeping it together until the song came on and left me a sobbing sniffly mess. And nooooooo as an adult I still can’t keep it together when that song comes on…even if I’m not watching the movie!

So little girls who love ponies grow into women who swear unicorns still exist (no, don’t you dare tell us they never did! And I suppose the Great Pumpkin isn’t real either?). Sometimes, there are those of us who even try to look like them, dying our own manes blue or pink or purple (which I may or may not have done…recently). Their magic is something carried inside us, long after the hair colors have faded.

For all those who know that unicorns do exist, this pattern was made especially for you!

Pro Tips: To make this carving the unicorn of your dreams, here’s a few tips for pumpkin perfection.

    1. As long as the neck line is nice and smooth, don’t worry about making the mane follow the lines exactly. As long as the lines are long and flowing, it’s okay to add a little more or take some away, whichever you think gives your magical creature more personality is great!
    2. The unicorn horn is carved as several smaller sections. However, if you find these little areas too difficult to carve, or you are short on time with party guests arriving, just carve this area out as one long piece and don’t worry about the small sections at all. It will still glow beautifully!

Charmer Pumpkin Carving Pattern Pinterest Image