Boo! – Pumpkin Carving Pattern

We all go through that phase, being either the “scarer” or the “scaree” but we soon outgrow it and leave it all behind us…until we have our own children.

As a child, did you have scare contests? You know, the kind that went on for days? You’d take a quick from Saturday morning cartoons, run to the kitchen to nab a quick snack you’d round the corner and “BOO!” You’d end up on the floor, swearing you were dying of a heart attack, and your sibling was bent in half, doubled over with laughter at you, the scaredy cat.

We all go through that phase, being either the “scarer” or the “scaree” but we soon outgrow it and leave it all behind us…until we have our own children. We warned our own son not to scare his dad. Dad was once a soldier. You should never scare a person who’s been trained to fight first and ask questions later. And no. This warning did not stop our son from trying!

Yet we’d always know our little one was there, the giggles of a five-year-old emanating from behind a partially opened door until one glorious day he held his breath, kept completely silent, and jumped with a resounding “BOO GOTCHA!” Indeed. Victory was his! But payback? That belonged to my husband!

We waited a few weeks until our son had forgotten all about “getting Dad.” While he was brushing his teeth, getting ready for bed, my hubby hid in our son’s closet. I read our son a story, kissed him goodnight, and turned out the lights, closing the door behind me. A few minutes ticked by ‘til the rumbling of the closet door began.

“MOMMMM!!!” He screamed. I rushed in, using a scowl to hide my smiles. He swore there was a monster in the closet. I’d check and not see any “monsters.” This went on a few times before I scolded him for telling tales…then went back into the hall almost unable to breathe from the laughter stifled in my throat.

The final time I marched in and said “I’ve had it! No Monsters! Check for yourself!” He got out of bed, eyes wide, and put out a trembling hand to open the door when my hubby burst through it yelling, “BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA!” Our son was so scared, he tap danced in place! His little feet, covered in the footies of his pajamas, couldn’t get traction! He was literally running in place, screaming.

In a few seconds, the screaming was replaced with a nervous laugh. He knew he’d been gotten back by his dad! The scare games had finally been stopped…at least until we get grandkids someday!

Pro Tips: This is a simple pattern that is great to carve and place beside a pumpkin carved with a ghost on it! If you want to make this pattern even easier, don’t carve the line of the letter “B,” just carve out the curved section. If you don’t want the letters to look like eyes you may also leave out the small circles in each letter “O.” Keep it simple and sweet!

Boo Pumpkin Carving Pattern Pinterest Image