Barney – Pumpkin Carving Pattern

“Bow ties are cool.” So says Dr. Who. And when is The Doctor ever wrong?

“Bow ties are cool.” So says Dr. Who. And when is The Doctor ever wrong?

I think bowties are awesome. I wore braces for five years as a teenager. The only good thing about going to the orthodontist? Bow ties! My doctor wore a new bow tie every day of the year. He had hundreds and hundreds of bow ties in his collection. In five years, he had never worn the same one twice!

I hated going to see him because it meant my braces were getting tightened and that was always painful! But I did like to see what the bow tie of the day would look like! Of course, my favorites were his Halloween bow ties, usually black with bright little orange pumpkins though the purple ones with witches or ghosts were nice, too!

He wore special ones for every holiday, even the lesser known ones! For National Ice Cream Day he’d wear a pink bow tie, patterned with sugar cones full of chocolate ice cream scoops. The first day of summer his bow tie was bedecked in watermelons. National Apple Day? Yup. One tie had red apples, another had green apples!

So, yes, this pattern was created in memory of really amazing bow ties. And, hopefully, your pumpkin carving of Barney will last as long as my fear of dentists has!

1. Since Barney is a playful pumpkin design, feel free to add a tooth or several teeth, to give him a smile with some flair!

2. For some, the circle of the iris itself may be a challenge to carve. If you want to make this easier to carve, carve right through the bottom of the circle, removing the iris altogether and leaving simple triangle eyes.

3. Give Barney a little more personality by adding a few eyebrows. Straight, bushy, raised or one up and one down is sure to make Barney look like quite a character!

Barney Pumpkin Carving Pattern Pinterest Image