Autumn Winds – Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Then the Autumn winds arise and the leaves that clung so tightly to the trees are airborne! A rainbow of riotous color rains down on us!

There are some years it seems that summer will never end. Long into the days of October the heat lingers until the brightness of the days begin to shorten. As the light starts to fade, so does the heat, but then the humidity reaches out long fingers to hold on as tight as it can. Until…

A small breeze traces the outline of our face. It’s cool. Tingly. It’s refreshing…we lift our face to the cloudy sky and inhale the crisp air, tinged with a heady aroma of wood smoke. We gaze on apples bouncing from heavy limbs and see stalks bunched from the corn rows, dotting fences instead of fields now. Autumn has come!

Then the Autumn winds arise and the leaves that clung so tightly to the trees are airborn! A rainbow of riotous color rains down on us! Orange and gold, chartreuse and apple red, burgundy and purple swirls around us! It’s a blizzard of leaves, each trying to out dance the other. We raise our arms to the sky and take the deepest of breaths, feeling the tingling on our arms as hairs lift in the chill breeze. The only words to describe are Pure Heaven. And I could live in these moments forever, couldn’t you?

Pro Tips: Autumn winds is a little bit of a carving challenge, so here’s a few tips to help you out!

  1. This pattern combines both carving and shading. Carving removes a solid area of pumpkin shell, but when you shade, you are only removing just the outer skin of the pumpkin. Instead of cutting through, you are only removing about an eighth of an inch of the pumpkin flesh. The swirls of the leaves are shaved into the pumpkin. If you want to make the shaved lines glow more brightly, remove more flesh, about a quarter to a half inch down, depending on how thick your pumpkin shell is. It’s best to try and make it brighter after the rest of the carving is done and your pumpkin is lit so you can see just how much you’ll need to remove, without breaking through!
  2. To make this pattern easier, skip the swirling lines all together! You could also add more leaves, tracing several all over the pumpkin then carving them out. And, since the bare branches are often broken, don’t try to make these too perfect. Jagged lines will only give them more character!

Autumn Winds Pumpkin Carving Pattern Pinterest Image