Autumn Leaves – Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Autumn is a rain shower of leaves, a cacophony of color. And it’s pure magic.

What’s your favorite color? Mine is Autumn!See? You know exactly what I’m talking about…don’t you? Okay, so you may be right…Autumn isn’t a color, or, the least, it’s not one color. Autumn is every color!Autumn is the pink blush of a dogwood leaf turning to mottled shades of deep purple and cherry red. It’s the flaming orange of a pumpkin, the burgundy of a Japanese maple, the purest yellow of aspens. It’s the navy of a crisp fall evening, dotted with the black shadows of bats dashing across a sky of shimmering white stars. Autumn is the smell of deep green pines and the grays of a blue spruce against rugged chocolate brown trunks.Autumn is a rain shower of leaves, a cacophony of color. And it’s pure magic. Quoting a short poem by Stanley Horowitz, “Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.” If only we could live forever in this colorful mosaic!

Pro Tips: This simply sweet pattern can be used to create some show stoppers!

  • Rather than just carving this pattern on one side of your pumpkin…keep it going! Repeat the pattern and carve it all the way around the pumpkin as one long row. Simple and stunning!
  • Rows don’t have to go around just the middle of the pumpkin. Change things up by carving out several rows from top to bottom, starting about two inches from the stem and going down to the bottom until they’re out of sight. Charming!
  • For a more playful pattern, skip the rows and randomly carve each leaf in different spots, then repeat until your pumpkin is covered in a shower of leaves. For more variety, shrink or enlarge a few of the leaves to give your carving extra dimension!

Autumn Leaves Pumpkin Carving Pattern Pinterest Image