Andy – Pumpkin Carving Pattern

A great experience is enjoying the process, and that can be a part of carving this simple design.

Who doesn’t like watching extreme pumpkin carving? The talent it takes to carve realistic pumpkin portraits or world record breaking giant pumpkins is mind blowing. Just think what it would be like to be able to do it yourself!

The truth? From personal experience, it’s not a great experience. The finished project is wonderful, but the process is not a lot of fun! It’s exhausting. It makes you muscles ache and your back hurt. And your hands want to cramp for days! Does that sound like a great experience?

A great experience is enjoying the process, and that can be a part of carving this simple design. In fact, cute, easily carved Jack o’lantern patterns are the most popular patterns we share each year, to carvers all over the world!

A simple carving with a clean design is quite impressive. If you really want to create a show stopping display you don’t need a complicated design. Print out a few dozen classic Jack patterns and get carving! One is simply sweet but a few dozen is seriously stupendous!

Imagine your entire porch glowing with crazy Jack o’lantern faces! Or line them along a fence! How about adorning your front path, leading hundreds of trick or treaters to your door? Put some sturdy wire through the top of the pumpkin, going under the stem from one side to the other…then hang them from the trees along with strings of lights for illumination…stunning!

Pro Tips: When it comes to pumpkin carving patterns, sometimes less is more!

1. Andy is an easy pattern to carve but there are ways to customize this clownish design to give it more personality…simply add a few teeth!

2. If you find It difficult to carve around the circle of the inner eye…don’t! You could just cut straight under the round part and you’ll be left with strictly triangle eyes, a very classic look!

Andy Pumpkin Carving Pattern Pinterest Image