Abner – Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Do you know who carves the best Jack o’lanterns? Kids! Kids are always make the best pumpkin carvers!

Jack o’lanterns symbolize Halloween more than anything else. Crisp, clean lines accent an irresistible burst of color! Scary or sweet, they are sure to carve a smile on you as well!

Do you know who carves the best Jack o’lanterns? Kids! Kids are always make the best pumpkin carvers! Let Moms and Dads or the Grandparents buy the pumpkins, but pass the carving saws over to the kids. So, why is this?

Kids don’t care about perfection…about getting every line right or the eyes “just so.” Adults meticulously poke and trace the pattern onto a pumpkin, slowly carve their lines, and then spend hours shaving off a hair’s breadth of pumpkin goo until their carving is perfect. But kids? Hand them a marker and then stand back. Drawing a face is over in seconds, if they even bother to draw one. Kids GO FOR IT!

Perfection is overrated. Kids know that it’s not about carving the perfect pumpkin…it’s about having perfect moments of fun. When it comes to pumpkin carving, kids live in the moment! It’s about the senses…the crunch of leaves underfoot, the scent of chimney smoke in the air, removing the cool slimy goo inside a pumpkin, hiding the seeds we roast and savor later.

Know this: it’s not about carving the perfect Jack o’lantern. Its about carving out fun times with family and friends. If you do that, trust me, your carving will turn out just perfect for you, despite the crooked smiles!

Pro Tip: Always start in the center to begin carving out pieces, not the outside areas. This way, your carving hand, that often rests on the pumpkin’s shell while sawing, won’t put pressure on the delicate areas you’ve already carved. This greatly lessens the chances of accidentally breaking your carving.

And don’t be afraid to get creative! This pattern has Abner’s eyes almost crossed, but you can place the pupils anywhere you want to make him look to the side or up, or add some long eyelashes to make Abner looks like an Agnes. Whatever you do? Just have fun!

Abner Pumpkin Carving Pattern Pinterest Image